Brief der Black Community aus Dölzig an die Landesdirektion

Angehörige der Black Community aus der EAE in Dölzig haben einen Brief verfasst, den sie dem Sächsischen Flüchtlingsrat und uns am Mittwoch, 27.05.2020 auf der Demo übergeben haben. Sie baten uns den Brief zu veröffentlichen. Lest hier den Brief und die Forderungen.

Asylum Seekers
EAE Dölzig Schkeuditz
Westringstraße 55
04435 Schkeuditz

22 May 2020

The Landesdirektion Sachsen

Dear Sir/ Madam

Subject: Request for urgent and mass transfer in Dölzig admission centre with special focus/ equality with the black community

We, the undersigned asylum seekers, residents of EAE Dölzig heartedly thank the German government, the Federal State of Sachsen, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and Malteser for their undiluted support and hospitality to us. We equally applaud their effort in managing and sustaining people of different cultural and religious background.

However, we have noticed with dismay that transfer of refugees especially black community from EAE Dölzig to living housing is an uphill task to the administration. In this light, we are therefore requesting for urgent and mass transfer of refugees especially the black community thereby putting equality to measure in EAE Dölzig for the following reasons:

1.) We have discovered that black communities in EAE are often not privileged during transfer. The proportion of black community enlisted for transfer is less than those of other races. This often leads the black community to ponder and lament if they are of the same human race. The undesirable effect of this discriminatory transfer is long staying in the admission center. The fact that we did not plan to spend a long time in this admission center which seems to us more of a detention center than a living center, has affected our psychological and emotional balance.

2.) The Dölzig camp is overcrowded. We are living in a precarious and dehumanizing condition. More than three to five people live in a single small room. There is no privacy since we share a common bathroom and toilet. In addition, there is no adequate space for interaction and leisure. This situation does not only make us vulnerable to the Corona virus pandemic but equally prevents us from respecting the safety distances among individuals and other self preventive measures imposed on us by the authorities.

3.) The Dölzig EAE center has sub-standard facilities to sustain a long term quality life. The center has poor internet connection of which we are obliged to pay a sum of four Euro per week for usage. There is the absence/ inadequacy of kitchen. The quantity and quality of food provided to us is insufficient to sustain our nutritional requirements. Faced with this dilemma, refugees are using unorthodox methods of food prepration that has put us in conflict with German police.

Based on the above outlined setbacks observed and lived in a civilized society like Germany, we are therefore proposing that an urgent and mass transfer of refugees should be done with emphasis on equality with black community as an immediate remedy.

While banking on your good sense of judgement to alleviate our plights and dignify us as human beings seeking for protection, accept our collective regards.


CC: BAMF / Malteser / Administrative Court Leipzig