Info: Aktuelles Statement von Menschen aus der Messehalle 4

Wir möchten hier mit Euch das aktuelle Statement der Menschen aus der Messehalle 4 teilen:

We, people from the messe halle 4, want the public to know about the current situation inside our camp. After the end of the protest camp,last weekend, we realised a reactionary behaviour from the administration of the camp.

It s clear for us, that the general situation is not be changed soon, but new aspecta are added to our daily humiliation and bad living condtion inside the messe halle 4.

Since the 12th of October the air inside the hall  is very bad. It s clear, accordning to the chief of the camp, that the level of toxic in the air has a dangerous percentage. People become sick by breathing the air and different allergic reaction showed up. At least six people are hospitalised outside of the camp.

In the same moment, the doctors voulnteering in the messehalle , are not enough to provide basic medical supply. This lack of basic supply is existing since the opening of the camp.

Several deseases were spread and people can’t help themselves.

We want to highlight that still more people are braught to the camp, in a lack of concrete vision from the responsibles to solve the problem.

The accileration of the registration process was not fullfiled and a lot of people are already waiting for registration more than 1 month and 10 days ,since the first day the camp was opend.

No charity, basic human rights!

16th of October 2015, Leipzig