… get out of this prison

Offener Brief von Bewohner*innen der Massenunterkunft in der Torgauer Straße 290
Dear Mayor,

we are four of hundreds people who live in the ( Refugees Wohnheim ) in Torgauer Street.
We heard that you are going to build a new building There.
What kind of plans are you thinking about??
The establishment of Residential complex for refugees who suffered of the effects of the war and some of them suffered from psychological problems will generate violence in hearts of those people.
You don’t know the bad situation of living there, insects everywhere, buildings need restoration, furniture doesn’t fit to use and the fence around the place make you feel like you
are a prisoner.
What is our fault?
We came here escaping the war in Syria!!
You can’t feel what we feel in our hearts, each one of us is afraid, we call our families everyday to make sure that they are still alive, we think the whole day about them , about our
future here.
We came here searching a save zone to live in, we want to study, work and complete our life.
We start learning German but do you think it is a good situation to learn a new language?
Please don’t kill our dreams, try to find flats for the people inside Leipzig not far away of it, that the way you can find a solution not to build a new building.
Want to learn German , work and get out of this prison.

Ashraf Jabal, Saleh Alantouz, Mazen Alhamwi, Hussein Hanifa


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